Astrocompute ELAIS-N1

Information about the SKA-AWS Astrocompute proposal called: "Calibration of LOFAR ELAIS-N1 data in the Amazon cloud". Maintained by J. Sabater (Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh).


We have created an AMI with the LOFAR software pre-installed: ami-bdab83c6. It is based on the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS official AMI.

Software installed:

Legacy AMIs

We keep some old AMIs with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for compatibility reasons:

Packaging of LOFAR

The Kern PPA keeps all the LOFAR dependencies packaged and updated. However, we decided to independently generate the LOFAR package for each release to maintain control of the compilation process and to be able to quickly deploy patched versions of the LOFAR software when a bug is found. The generation of the packages is explained in: Github vagrant

Data release

The LOFAR data of the ELAIS-N1 field is released in the S3 bucket lofar-elais-n1. A list with the data can be found in: data.

Calibration pipeline

The calibration of the data is performed in two steps: a) the prefacet calibration and b) the facet calibration. All the steps are already implemented in: Github pipeline.